Спортивная команда "Кобра" впервые принимает участие в европейском турнире(CPS champions paintball series)

Cobra – a story about strength and honor.

Cobra is a Russian paintball team, but its story differs much from other paintball teams. They are special - most of the players are deaf people. 

It seems strange that they play paintball? No, it is not! Cobra guys say that they have their own world, in which they feel comfortable. You hear your team-mates by ears – they hear by their hearts and this make them real team! They know rules and have enough skills to play on a very good level.

Cobra team has huge plans for future. They plan to play a lot and win, keep climbing to the top of the rating, move to the upper divisions. And this is only the beginning. They hope to promote paintball for deaf people not only in Moscow, but all over Russia and maybe even all over the world. Cobra team – is the basis for future sport school and if this project will be successful hopefully for the Paintball Federation of deaf people.

Denis Yaroslavtsev, manager of the team, said about plans for this season. This year Cobra will play League 2 in Champions Paintball Series. They want to prove that deaf people can live an ordinary life, to show that they can play paintball, that this sport is available for all special people. Now guys plan to visit only two CPS events and if they find sponsors - the entire series. 
CPS organizers are supporting team to have more opportunities to play paintball and win. “Organizers have helped our team much to visit CPS event in Venice, and we are happy that we are starting this paintball adventure! Thank a lot to Slava and all CPS team!” – says Denis.
02 марта 2013 г.
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